Nasonex Dosage

Your healthcare provider will consider several factors when prescribing your dosage of Nasonex, such as your age, the medical condition being treated, and other medical conditions you have. For treating nasal allergies in adults and children (age 12 and older), the typical dose is two sprays in each nostril once daily. Be sure to blow your nose before taking your dosage.

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The side effects of Macrolane

There are side effects with every type of cosmetic treatment although these are minimal. Continue reading

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Euflexxa has passed FDA approval criteria, just like all drugs that can be prescribed or used today in the course of modern medicine. In the general case, drugs approved in such a manner can be presumed safe (there have been a few historical exceptions, but they are rare).

If you have questions about the potential side effects or how the drug was tested, ask your doctor.

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Orthovisc consists of hyaluronic acid. Continue reading

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Nasonex for fluid in ears?

Nasonex works very well, but it takes several days for it to work. You should take the entire bottle, which is usually a 30 day supply. Topical steroids are the safest. You need to work on the allergies or it will just recur.

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Can nasonex build your immune system also?

Steroids inhibit the immune response, so that can’t be the reason for the absence of infections. Most likely, if nasonex has helped, its because it is preventing sinus/nasal infections that are caused by blocked passages. Nasonex opens the nasal and sinus passages so they can drain and keep bacteria and viruses from building up.

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How to get off of narcotic pain meds?

There is one story that my friend told me.

“Well I too used to be a pain pill addict. My drug of choice was Loricets 10mgs. But I would take perkacets and sometimes Oxy. And I became addicted in months. I know you shouldn’t and maybe can’t quit cold turkey. I’m not sure all of the withdrawl effets..when I would go a day or 2 without pills I would get shakey and sick. But I’m not sure if you will have a seizure or not. So it’s best to never quit cold turkey. Continue reading

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How old do you have to be to be able to take Lunesta?

Lunesta has NOT been approved for children under 18 according to the manufacturer’s information.

Some (non-medicinal) methods to try include exercising throughout the day and drinking warm milk before bed. You can also discuss the use of Benadryl as a sleep aid with your doctor although a more natural approach may be better.

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Advair once a day instead of twice?

If you start using it once a day, your asthma may start back up. It is a respiratory maintenance drug. The reason that you are feeling good and your asthma is well controlled is because it is doing its’ job. It contains a long acting bronchodilator and a long acting steroid. The drugs once inhaled last +/- 12 hours hence the twice a day dosage. Continue reading

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Which better pegasys or peg intron?

Usually your doctor decides which to prescribe. However, if given a choice I would choose pegasys. It stays in your system one day longer than peg intron. The advantage is that less time without the medication means that you may feel worse when you take the next dose. So having pegasys in your system the extra day means that you may not have that particular problem.

Good luck, if you can find a support group to attend while you are taking any medication and afterwards. I know that there are other illnesses that pegasys and peg intron are prescribed for other that HCV, but the meds effect you emotionally as well as physically.

I have had HCV for several years and had attended many lectures on several medications, and I have taken a variety of them. Even the old Intron A and Intron B – yuck, talk about side effects. Those make pegasys seem like taking an tylenol.

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